Arts for Environmental Health, Hygiene and Sanitation

Support provided to the Cafod over a 2 year period included:

  • Design of 3 year communication and resident engagement strategy for improved environmental health in Zimbabwe.
  • Technical assistance and management of multi-method social research to identify gaps, needs and barriers to social harmony and improving environmental health.
  • Providing model, training and framework for assistance in Interactive Group Social Research methods.
  • Development of arts-based tools:

Arts based tools to improve environmental health include: participatory research tools, facilitation of hygiene and sanitation education at school and community levels.

Participatory research and programme development

Participatory research tools to identify barriers to environmental health from a genuinely community perspective use arts-based methods. Read More

Arts for Hygiene and Sanitation

How to facilitate group sessions using arts, drama and interactive methods to raise awareness and promote sanitation and good hygiene through health clubs in schools. Read More

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