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> For the use of the arts in development
> For organisations, donors, companies and individuals


Foundational principles:

Needs-based                                Practical
Relevant                                       Consultative

Following extensive partner consultation and research development of the arts and culture sector is viewed as being:

  • Developing artistic institutions of strength who already produce cultural works that reflect society, and have a presence in the public space to ‘express’, engage the public freely, and have potential to excel
  • Enabling excellence to flourish – reaching internationally recognised standards
  • Enabling the export of Zimbabwean works of high and excellent works of art (visual, performance)
  • Development of audiences who want to watch, engage with cultural and artistic works
  • Investing in innovative ideas and advanced critical and theoretical thinking
  • Developing an enabling environment for talent to fulfil its potential, for individual creativity and expression: by Supporting efforts to improve national regulatory frameworks and policy for the arts and culture sector.
  • Developing a recognised and celebrated body of Zimbabwean artistic forms in a global context
  • Broadening the base from which the peak rises: supporting efforts to centralise the arts in education.
  • Developing support for arts institutions, events and individuals from all sectors of society.

Investing in infrastructure

  • Pushing boundaries to develop new forms of expression for Zimbabwe, reflecting Zimbabwean identity in the complex context of a rich traditional cultural heritage, in a globalised post-modern world
  • Elevating the status of the artist, and inspirational talent through training
  • Developing the arts and culture sector is separate from using ‘cultural activity’ or ‘culture’ for development purposes

Specific partnerships built by Arts for Action Founder:

  • Successfully building NGO, Nanzikambe Arts and Development Organisation in Malawi over 6 years from no income to turning over 500,000 USD a year, managing multiple-funded programmes, with multiple external partners including collaboration with numerous local CSOS and different Government Ministries.
  • Initiated the arts and development programme Arts Lab, in partnership with local CSO Savanna Trust in Zimbabwe, providing visionary and strategic leadership and securing 100,000 GBP in 6 months, supported by Pro Helvetia, British Council and Culture Fund.
  • Developed a fundraising strategy for The Dance Trust of Zimbabwe and secured over 100,000 USD and sustainable partnerships for Tumbuka Dance Company from HIVOS, Culture Fund, British Council, Africalia and Pro Helvetia.
  • Conducted extensive research into donor and funding partners and written papers on funding patterns in the Southern African region, working in partnership with Nhimbe Trust and Pamberi Trust.