Ma Kwacha Hip Opera


Featuring Malawi’s stars Tigris and Young Kay

MaKwacha HipOpera was a wild and crooked musical hip-hop theatre which delves into Malawian urban life in a riotous journey through love, betrayal, corruption and revenge. The production takes the audience into the underworld of Malawian city life, where people do what they can to survive.  Featuring an all-star Malawian cast.

Adaptation of Classic text: Three Penny Opera by Bertold Brecht.

makwa_2 makwa_3

This production commented on social issues such as human rights, democracy, abuse of power by those in authority, bogus NGOs that make money out of the poor, gang violence and cultural conflicts that exist in a culturally diverse society.

Makwacha appeared at the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown 2010




  • Directed by William le Cordeur