Cant Talk About This

Dance Theatre exploring sexuality and prejudice. Won an Ovation Award at the South African National Arts Festival in 2013
HIFA 2013  |   National Arts Festival South Africa  |  Global Beats International Festival- Denmark

Drawing upon Newspaper headlines in Zimbabwe and adapting key biblical passages that are used to justify discrimination and hatred, Cant Talk About This blends text with how these texts are expressed in the moving body.

Working with suggestion and juxtaposition, this piece deliberately avoids expressing direct or certain truth: it works through montage to explore freedom of expression, origins of homophobia, barriers to intimacy and concepts of masculinity through the unifying theme of being unable to speak, or say what you really want to.

A woman speaks with authority on the reality for Zimbabweans, she claims to be close ‘to many of them.’ Her connections are illusions. A man struggles with intimacy whilst stuck in his memory. Newspaper headlines litter people’s heads whilst searching for a quiet place.

The work represents Snoden Filimon’s debut choreography with the Company. The creative journey began in 2012 with looking at all the things that people can’t talk about, and how disconnection and silence affects individuals, couples and society as a whole. Inspired by 4 years with Lena Josephson and Kompany Raandevo in Sweden, Snoden began developing this work using an improvisation technique called Lera, meaning clay in Swedish.



  • Chido Mukundwa
  • Macdonald Julius
  • Marvin Kuda Ndoro
  • Melissa Eveleigh
  • Stanley Wasili
  • Peter Lenso