Cultural Development

Developing Artists
– Physical Theatre Training
– Professional Development – cross cutting skills

Theatre in Education
Strategy & Policy

Culture for Development
– Governance
– Justice
– Peacebuilding

Research & Strategy
● Research
> Interactive Social Research
> Building evidence

Affirming Arts for Action belief in creative processes to reveal truths Formalise the link between the arts and social sciences, research in a comprehensive approach to participatory development.

Interactive Social Research
In addition to using tried and tested social research methods to

Building evidence
that demonstrates arts to effect change

● Strategy
> For the use of the arts in development
> For organisations, donors, companies and individuals

Strategy for cultural programming (put link to page Overview of Cultural Programming Strategy for The British Council Zimbabwe 2011)


Foundational principles:

Needs-based                                Practical
Relevant                                       Consultative

Following extensive partner consultation and research development of the arts and culture sector is viewed as being:

Developing artistic institutions of strength who already produce cultural works that reflect society, and have a presence in the public space to ‘express’, engage the public freely, and have potential to excel

Enabling excellence to flourish – reaching internationally recognised standards
Enabling the export of Zimbabwean works of high and excellent works of art (visual, performance)
Development of audiences who want to watch, engage with cultural and artistic works
Investing in innovative ideas and advanced critical and theoretical thinking
Developing an enabling environment for talent to fulfil its potential, for individual creativity and expression: by Supporting efforts to improve national regulatory frameworks and policy for the arts and culture sector.
Developing a recognised and celebrated body of Zimbabwean artistic forms in a global context
Broadening the base from which the peak rises: supporting efforts to centralise the arts in education.
Developing support for arts institutions, events and individuals from all sectors of society.
Investing in infrastructure
Pushing boundaries to develop new forms of expression for Zimbabwe, reflecting Zimbabwean identity in the complex context of a rich traditional cultural heritage, in a globalised post-modern world
Elevating the status of the artist, and inspirational talent through training
Developing the arts and culture sector is separate from using ‘cultural activity’ or ‘culture’ for development purposes

Specific partnerships built by Arts for Action Founder:
– Successfully building NGO, Nanzikambe Arts and Development Organisation in Malawi over 6 years from no income to turning over 500,000 USD a year, managing multiple-funded programmes, with multiple external partners including collaboration with numerous local CSOS and different Government Ministries.

– Initiated the arts and development programme Arts Lab, in partnership with local CSO Savanna Trust in Zimbabwe, providing visionary and strategic leadership and securing 100,000 GBP in 6 months, supported by Pro Helvetia, British Council and Culture Fund.

– Developed a fundraising strategy for The Dance Trust of Zimbabwe and secured over 100,000 USD and sustainable partnerships for Tumbuka Dance Company from HIVOS, Culture Fund, British Council, Africalia and Pro Helvetia.

– Conducted extensive research into donor and funding partners and written papers on funding patterns in the Southern African region, working in partnership with Nhimbe Trust and Pamberi Trust.

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