Arts for Action both applies the arts and communication for development, and develops artists and cultural forms through training, expert advice and production.

“People are at the centre of our development work: performers are at the centre of our creative practice. We don’t change people, people transform themselves – and creativity and ownership are at the heart of that process.” Melissa Eveleigh, Founder Arts for Action.

What sets us apart from other development actors is that we offer genuinely collaborative, bottom-up approaches for positive change. With in-depth knowledge about the places we work, and investing in front-line practitioners; ‘beneficiaries’ become implementers and take the lead on design all the way through to monitoring, programme management and evaluation.

If our values and intention don’t shape innovation, our humanity will be in trouble
Julie Hanna, Executive Chair, Board of KIVA

Specific Development

 … Specific applications of performance

• Theatre and communication for good governance
• Theatre for decision makers
• Theatre for justice
> Learning and accessing legal rights through theatre processes
> Theatre and interactive learning in prisons
> Forum theatre for restorative justice
> Drama therapy for group counselling and rehabilitation in prisons

• Theatre for conflict resolution and peace
• Theatre for women’s rights
• Theatre for child rights
• Theatre for HIV & AIDS prevention
• Theatre for Malaria prevention
• Theatre for hygiene and sanitation
• Theatre for environmental health

Theatre is used to describe both theatre based processes and theatre as an event or rehearsed product. Training in these specific thematic areas encompasses knowledge and understanding or specific development needs in developing countries, incorporating practice experience of the barriers to achieving positive change in challenging contexts. Realities in mid and post-conflict states, fragile states and “least-developed” states where poverty and/or traditional cultural practices can hold back ‘development’ as defined by western donors.


Arts & Communication for Development

We work with institutions, governments, NGOs, communities and individuals, using creativity, theatre, media and communication for positive, quantifiable change, through:

Devising socio-political theatre
Applied Physical Theatre
Forum theatre
Programme Design
Being an artist and Development Practitioner
Interactive social research
Measuring change through arts action
Communication for Development (C4D)

Communication for development – strategy, programme design and implementation
National networks of change makers: positive behaviour change at community level
Interactive Social Research
Monitoring, Learning, Evaluation
Organisational capacity building & fundraising

Good Governance
Decision makers
HIV & Sexual and Reproductive Health
Girls Education
Countering Violent Extremism

Protest & Policy Interaction
– Artists against war
– Arts Advocacy for Eritrea (link to In Solidarity with Dawit Isaak)
– Climate Change (link to divest parliament)




• Projects
> Community practitioner
> Community arts
• Consultancy

Cultural Development

• Arts Lab – A space to create and nurturing talent
• Mentorship
• Entrepreneur


Communication for Development

• Radio
• National Campaigns

Founded on the belief in the power of the arts to disrupt usualness, forge new realities

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