Joke van Kampen

Joke van Kampen

Communication and activism for development

Joke van Kampen is a media and communication for development expert. She started her career as a journalist working at the foreign desk of the national broadcaster and the oldest left wing intellectual weekly magazine in the Netherlands. In 1993 she started working for the UN for the next ten years, basically working on media interventions promoting family planning, reproductive and sexual rights and health on many different arena’s and levels:  on national levels in 8 Asian countries through radio shows, soap opera’s, youth talkshows etc., on an international level through a constant effort to keep reproductive and sexual health and rights on the agenda of international media through journalist field trips, high profile media events, debates on controversial issues such as abortion, LGBT issues and the so-called “control of sexuality” debate. She was also the chief editor of the homeless magazine in Amsterdam during these years.
She came to Malawi in 2005 as a director of Story Workshop, a media NGO, carrying out mass media interventions on issues relevant to development, human rights, good governance and gender issues. Story Workshop produced all sorts of media: radio, tv, comic books, newspaper inserts, books, leaflets and many other things. Story Workshop’s long lasting soap opera on radio  remained the most popular radio program for many years in a row.
Joke van Kampen is now working as a media/communication for development consultant, still living in Malawi, and currently working on a five year campaign to prevent violence against children in schools, the community and at home in Malawi.

Communication and Activism for development


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